Monthly Archives: October 2018

Stars and Cars at Crystal Summit

Saturday night I went up to Crystal Summit, overlooking Arbon Valley, with some of my students (Alyssa, Jacob, and Mikah). Pleasant evening with clear skies, crisp temperatures, coyotes yapping, and a nearly full-moon. Although the moon made for a bright sky and landscape, I still managed to capture some of the Milky Way. The great thing about this time of year is that it doesn’t take long for the sky to get dark.  We did see a few meteorites from the Orionid Meteor shower. Here’s a few shots.


Landscapes at Chesterfield

This week the Photo Comm class headed out to Chesterfield, Idaho. There at the abandoned townsite, we worked on landscape and panoramic photos. While there, a significant rainstorm blew in from the mountains; some folks got wet and others took shelter where they could find it…for me, it was in the old milking barn! Afterwards, we headed south along the Portneuf River and were treated to a double rainbow. About a dozen of us had dinner at the world famous ChuckWagon, in Lava Hot Springs, before heading back to campus.