Field Work in Caribou County Idaho

My Photo Communication class is working through a module on landscape and environmental photography. So, we took to the field and worked on panos and close-ups at Chesterfield, an abandoned Mormon settlement from the late 1890s. On the way back to Lava Hot Springs for dinner, we encountered a young bull moose in the middle of the road. A van full of photographers and no one had a camera ready! After a few moments, I managed to grab my small P&S Fuji and captured a couple of shots of him in the field next to the road. Afterwards, we went to the Chuck Wagon in Lava Hot Springs for a bite to eat. Great afternoon with great students!


About terryownby

I am a visual journalist and have varied interests in visual media. Specifically, I am an Associate Professor of Photo Media and I teach in the Communication, Media, & Persuasion department at Idaho State University. I hold a BS in Media/Photography from Missouri State University and a MA in Media Communications from Webster University-Saint Louis. My PhD is in Visual Media Studies from Colorado State University. View all posts by terryownby

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