Monthly Archives: October 2017

Astro-Landscapes at Chesterfield

This past weekend some of the Photo Comm students went with me out to Chesterfield Reservoir to work on night photography. We had clear skies with half a moon. That was good and bad at the same time. Good in that it lit up the landscape, bad in that it obstructed a pure view of the Milky Way galaxy. On the other hand, we did see several satellites overhead and two really nice meteors. Unfortunately during my startrail exposures, I had a malfunction with my intervalometer…operator error! That’s why there’s gaps in the trails. Students brave enough to sit in the cold were Mikah, Diana, Dakota, and Jake. After a few hours of cold and chasing away wandering cattle, I broke-out the camp stove and made us some hot chocolate. Overall, I thought it was a fun evening!


Field Work in Caribou County Idaho

My Photo Communication class is working through a module on landscape and environmental photography. So, we took to the field and worked on panos and close-ups at Chesterfield, an abandoned Mormon settlement from the late 1890s. On the way back to Lava Hot Springs for dinner, we encountered a young bull moose in the middle of the road. A van full of photographers and no one had a camera ready! After a few moments, I managed to grab my small P&S Fuji and captured a couple of shots of him in the field next to the road. Afterwards, we went to the Chuck Wagon in Lava Hot Springs for a bite to eat. Great afternoon with great students!